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BVI Catamaran Charters


At BVI Boating, we’ve built strong relationships with many crews and owners of some of the area’s most wonderful catamarans.. Our BVI catamaran charters are the best in the region, offering top-tier amenities, a variety in pricing, and the opportunity to create your own adventure and discover some of the many islands. You can water ski on the clear waters of the Caribbean, bask in the sun and read a book on an empty beach, snorkel in one of the world’s most biodiverse locations, and visit some of the local spas and resorts. Don’t stress yourself out; let us work to find the best catamaran rental for you and your needs.


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BVI Catamaran Charters


Every catamaran is unique. The owners and crews put a lot of love and work into their vessels. The catamarans we work with vary greatly in amenities, crew, pricing, activities, and the offerings they have to share. Our BVI catamaran charters are highly sought after for their amenities, crews, activities offered, and price points. Although each boat is different, here are a few general bits of information about our catamaran rentals.


Catamaran Amenities


Chartering a catamaran from BVI Boating means you’re getting a truly unique experience. Our catamarans are luxurious, boasting some of the greatest amenities in the islands. All of our BVI catamaran charters have A/C, private showers, Wi-Fi, a galley, and the highest quality chefs and ingredients. Every catamaran has its own crew, including a captain and a chef. Our catamaran rentals can accommodate your dietary needs, including gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and more.

Our catamarans have beautiful sun decks, spacious cockpits, private staterooms, delicious wine and spirits, and fresh food. We are always proud ot hear of the great experiences our clients have on their catamaran. Every catamaran is a special craft. You will see that the crew and owner put a lot into her to make her a luxurious and comfortable home for you and your friends or loved ones.


Yacht in the BVICatamaran Crews


Many people don’t realize just how important a good charter crew is. If a catamaran is beautiful and full of amenities but lacks a qualified crew, you may not get the full BVI experience. We make sure to work with catamarans with high-quality crews, meeting our standards of excellence and excelling in their field. Our catamaran crews are knowledgeable, professional, caring, and trustworthy. They will cook you meals that exceed your expectations, take you on stunning snorkeling trips, and take care of your needs.


Catamaran Activities


The British Virgin Islands offer a vacation experience full of possible activities. Because you are on your own catamaran, you can choose where you go, what islands to visit, and what sights to see. You will be able to visit premium spas, amazing resorts, and wonderful new restaurants. One of the benefits of working with BVI Boating is that our crews will be able to intelligently recommend locations to visit based on your desires and interests.

Each catamaran has a library of books, Wi-Fi internet and streaming services, and wonderful speaker systems. In addition, you can engage in water sports such as water skiing, parasailing, tubing, and more. You may also go for snorkeling trips and even arrange SCUBA dives if you are certified!


BVI YachtCatamaran Pricing and Booking


Rates vary depending on time of year, the size of your party, and the catamaran you choose. Rates are often weekly, with rates running from $5,000/week-$50,000/week. Due to our great relationships with our catamaran owners and crews, we can negotiate the best possible price for you. We will help you find a BVI catamaran charter that exceeds your expectations, provides a memory that lasts a lifetime, and impresses you over and over again.


Why a BVI Catamaran Charter?


The British Virgin Islands are a beautiful group of islands in the Caribbean. Due to its beauty, amazing weather, biodiversity, and clear waters, it is one of the most popular locations in the world to charter a catamaran. There really is nowhere like it. Vacationing on one of the beautiful islands or at one of the pristine resorts is amazing enough, but chartering a boat opens quite a few new doors.. When you charter a catamaran in the BVI, you can build your own vacation. You can hop from mooring to mooring, island to island. You’ll see different islands with different feels, eat at different restaurants, and see new sights. From the beautiful, clean beaches to the incredible coral reefs, the scenery here will leave an imprint on your mind for years to come. Chartering a catamaran allows you to have both privacy and control over your vacation.