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BVI Yacht Charters


Here at BVI Boating, we are proud to have relationships with some of the British Virgin Island’s most beautiful yachts. Our BVI yacht charters offer a variety of amenities, price-levels, and opportunities to explore the local islands. Whether you wish to snorkel in one of the most diversely populated marine habitats in the world, sit on the deck and take the sun in, water ski or tube, or visit the local restaurants, spas, and resorts, we can help you find a BVI yacht charter to fit your specific needs. Take the hassle out of the process, and allow us to do the work to find you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

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BVI Yacht Charters

Every yacht is not the same. The yachts we work with vary greatly in amenities, crew, pricing, activities, and the offerings they have to share. With our BVI yacht charters, you will be afforded the opportunity to choose from some of the best and most luxurious amenities, crews, and activities available in the Caribbean. Here is a little bit about what our BVI charters offer.



When you charter a yacht from BVI Boating, you’re not just getting any boat. Our yachts are equipped with the latest amenities, making sure your stay is pleasant and comfortable. All of our BVI yacht charters are equipped with the basics of air conditioning, galley, private showers, wireless internet, and wonderful food. Each yacht has its own crew, including a captain and a chef. We have several BVI yacht charters that can cater to special diets such as gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, lactose-free, kosher, and more!

We have charters available with premium wines and cocktails, private staterooms, spacious cockpits, and beautiful sunlit decks. Spending time on one of our premier yachts is an experience that will make an impact. With each yacht, you will be stunned at the level of care and love that the owners and crew have put into making her into a luxurious craft for you and your loved ones.


Yacht in the BVICrew

The crew is of utmost importance when considering a BVI yacht charter. Although a boat may be beautiful and have the amenities for which you are seeking, the experience must be aided by a professional, kind, and knowledgeable crew. When choosing boats to work with, we take the crew into careful consideration. The quality of the crew on board your yacht makes a huge difference in the quality of your experiencing chartering a boat. Here at BVI Boating, we work with crews that have years of experience, know the BVI like the backs of their hands, and can aid you in all of your adventures in discovering all that these islands have to offer. From preparing gourmet meals to safely guiding snorkeling trips, our crews know what they’re doing and are here to make sure you enjoy your time.



The British Virgin Islands have enough activities to keep everyone in the family entertained for the entire length of your stay. One of the benefits of chartering your own boat is that you can build your own vacation and travel from island to island. You can visit different resorts which have wonderful restaurants, relaxing spas, beautiful hikes, and some of the most pristine beaches on the planet. Some islands are public while others are private, and your professional crew will help you find the right islands to visit.

From the boat, you have the opportunity to engage in water sports such as tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Many of our yachts have the gear and the crew have expertise to take you to see some of the beautiful snorkeling sites in the islands. Some can also take you on SCUBA excursions if you are certified. Our BVI yacht charters come with a reading library, movies, and on board music and streaming so you may enjoy your time resting on the boat.


BVI YachtPricing and Booking

Pricing of course varies, depending on time of year, size of your party, and the yacht you choose. Pricing is generally done on a weekly rate, with rates running from $5,000/week-$50,000/week. Because of our long relationships with our boat owners, we pride ourselves in being able to negotiate the best rate for you  possible, at no cost to you. We will help you find a BVI yacht charter with all of the amenities and activities, a wonderful crew, in the date range you wish to travel, and present you with your options. To get started with a booking, use the form below.


Why a BVI Yacht Charter?

The British Virgin Islands are a beautiful group of islands in the heart of the Caribbean. It is one of the most popular yachting destinations in the world for a reason. The beautiful, serene surroundings are unrivaled. When paired with the resorts, activities, and weather, the BVI make for a dream vacation. Staying at any one of the many resorts is a treat, but chartering a boat truly is the way to go. When you charter a yacht in the BVI, you have the opportunity to travel and see different islands, eat at different restaurants, and see new sights. From the beautiful, clean beaches to the incredible coral reefs, the scenery here will leave an imprint on your mind for years to come. Chartering a yacht allows you to have both privacy and control over your vacation.